Some Stylish Design Ideas For a Small Living Room


Interior designers are challenged by their customers to come up with different small living room design ideas that are charming and elegant, yet functional. Since there is less space to work with, it is essential to determine how to maximize every square foot of living space. Designers have come up with a variety of tips which work well in small efficiency apartments, bedrooms, or other areas of the home where there is limited design space. Not only are these perfect for small design spaces, but also any size of room within the house where you want to maximize the space.
Some ideas
Use mirrors to increase light and give the appearance of a bigger room.
Hang curtains and drapes as close to the ceiling as possible, to create the illusion the room’s ceilings are higher than they are.
Utilize unused vertical space in the kitchen by installing a hanging pot rack in the kitchen to free up space in cupboards.
Purchase “multifunction” furniture, where the piece has one purpose, but can be opened to provide storage, such as an ottoman with a top that opens and allows you to hide items inside.
Raise your bed off of the ground to create storage space under the bed. If you are cramped for space, consider getting a loft bed, as this opens up plenty of room underneath for a couch, desk, or other furniture.
Fully utilize corners with particular corner end tables or shelving.
Tap into unused wall space with built-in entertainment centers and shelving. You can recess part of an entertainment center or shelves into the walls to increase storage space. It is highly recommended to have a professional inspect your home first to identify support beams, before starting this type of project, so you do not accidentally cut through one and cause the ceiling to collapse.
Use small shelving units in closets to maximize open floor space.
Use a screen or open shelving unit to separate living spaces and subdivide the room into distinct areas, like the dining area and living room in an efficiency apartment.
Interior designers are always creating new ideas to maximize small living spaces. It is worth your time to visit high-end furniture stores and showrooms to get further inspiration and learn more about the latest tricks being used by professional designers.